Christian Convention

Dates for Annual Christian Convention 2019 at St.Alphonsa Forane Church Kankanady is scheduled for 22nd November 2019 05:30 PM to 24th November 2019 04:00 PM.

Convention for upper class students (4th to 10th standard students) will be staying back one, starts on 22nd November 05:30 PM at church auditorium with teh starting ceremony and the closing ceremony is on 24th November 04:00 PM. Students should bring theire on sleeping accessories.

For primary class students (1st to 4th standard students), there is no convention on 22nd, for 23rd & 24th program starts by 09:00 AM, you should drop your kids at DSH convent, on 23rd pickup will be from DSH convent at 05:30 PM, on 24th pickup is from church at 04:00 PM after the closing ceremony.

On 24th Sunday, 02:00 PM, there will be a common session for all parents and continued with Eucharistic Adoration and a closing ceremony.

Fees for upper class students is Rs. 350/- and primary students Rs. 200/-. 

The Annual Christian Convention is not an optional one, so all Catechism students should compulsorily attend the program.